Taking a Write Out of Crime


George Pelecanos is the author of  more than 20 crime novels and is also known for his work on HBO’s The Wire, Treme and The Pacific. Peter Craig's filmography includes 2010's The Town starring Ben Affleck and two forthcoming installments of The Hunger Games. Writer Director Rian Johnson's films include Brick, The Brothers Bloom and Looper. He's slated to write and direct Star Wars Episode VIII.

Today's podcast was recorded at the Taking the Write out of Crime panel at the 20th Austin Film Festival in 2014.




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A Conversation With Eric Roth

Academy Award winning screenwriter Eric Roth is responsible for such films as Forrest Gump, The Insider, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Munich, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Ali, The Good Shepherd and many others.  Eric Roth received the 2012 distinguished screenwriter award at the 19th annual Austin film festival.  


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A Conversation with Jeff Nichols


Jeff Nichols is the writer director behind the films Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter and last year's critically acclaimed Mud Starring Mathew McConaughey, Ray McKinnon Sam Shepard and Michael Shannon. His next film, “Midnight Special” is now in post-production and is slated to open in 2015. Jeff Nichols talks about his process when creating what he calls "experimental" films.


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Jenji Kohan and Ray McKinnon

Two of the most talented showrunners in the business talk about what it is to make a great show.

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A Conversation With Ed Solomon

Today's Podcast was recorded at KLRU studio 6A during our On Story Season 4 release party and live taping on April 16th 2013.

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Advancing Your Writing Career

Writing competitions can be a lucrative venue to break into the industry and have yielded countless success stories. Special thanks to the Writer's Guild for their collaboration on this episode.


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Matt Weiner and Mike Judge each talk about their paths to creating great television.

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We are heartbroken at the recent passing of Filmmaker Harold Ramis who made us laugh for more than a generation. His iconic films are an enormous part of the American comic vocabulary- from Animal House to Ghostbusters and Vacation to Groundhog Day. Today’s podcast was recorded in 2005 at the 12th Austin Film Festival.

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Terry George

Filmmaker Terry George discusses writing, directing and his body of work.

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Rob Thomas, Chris Lowell and the forthcoming Veronica Mars Movie.

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