Austin Film Festival's On Story

On this special presentation of On Story, we’re taking a closer look at some of the incredible films chosen to screen at the 26th Annual Austin Film Festival and the filmmakers behind these films. We spoke with filmmakers whose work represents some of the most original voices in filmmaking from around the world and the challenges they faced in their creative process as well as the breakthroughs that led them to Austin Film Festival.

On this week’s On Story, director Matt Patterson discusses his feature film Apartment 413. The film tells the story of Marco, played by actor Nicholas Saenz who is running out of time to find a job before his girlfriend, Dana, has their first baby. However the walls begin to close in around him and his grip on reality begins to slip into a psychological nightmare.

Matt Patterson is an award-winning writer, producer and director. Patterson has written 8 feature screenplays, 1 sitcom pilot, produced 3 features and over 100 media projects. Patterson also co-founded Matter Media Studios.


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