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This week on On Story we’ll hear from legendary independent filmmaker Roger Corman whose extensive body of work includes over 500 film credits. And later, we’ll hear from writer and director Nicole Holofcener on her films Please Give, The Land of Steady Habits and Enough Said.

Roger Corman is a trailblazer in the world of independent filmmaking. Often called “The Pope of Pop Cinema,” Corman opted out of the major studio system early on by founding his own production and distribution company, New World Pictures, in 1970. His extensive film credits include cult classics The Wild Angles, Little Shop of Horrors, The Trip, and The Intruder. Corman is also widely known for mentoring a number of filmmakers including James Cameron, Gale Anne, Hurd,  Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme, and Ron Howard. Roger Corman spoke about his 50 year career with Josephson Entertainment president, Barry Josephson, at the 25th Anniversary Austin Film Festival where he was receiving the Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking award.

Clip of Dementia 13 courtesy of Roger Corman Productions and American International Pictures (AIP)

Clip of The Wild Angels courtesy of American International Pictures (AIP)

Clip of The Intruder (1962) courtesy of Filmgroup, Inc. and Astor Pictures Corporation

Nicole Holofcener has written and directed six feature films, including Friends with Money, Enough Said, and most recently The Land of Steady Habits. In 2019, Holofcener was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for her script Can You Ever Forgive Me. In addition to her feature work, Holofcener has directed numerous television shows including Orange is the New Black, Togetherness, One Mississippi and the upcoming HBO series Mrs. Fletcher. Holofcener spoke with Pixar’s Head of Creative Development, Mary Coleman at the 25th Annual Austin Film Festival.

Clips of Please Give courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics, Inc.

Clips of Enough Said courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


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