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Second Rounder Stories is a new series from that highlights past Script Competition Second Rounders and their experiences attending the Festival & Conference.

Marissa Tandon is a writer, actor, and director based in Los Angeles. She is the writer and creator of the narrative fiction podcasts Super Ordinary and The Sword & The Stoner. She is the co-founder of Tandon Productions, which focuses on bringing new voices to the multi-media landscape. Currently, they produce the podcasts All In My Head and Insufficient Facts, with multiple projects in development. In addition to her work in audio fiction, Marissa has previously worked in scripted television development, and has had her writing recognized by Sundance, The Austin Film Festival, The NewFest Reading Series, and The Hollywood Fringe Festival. Her debut novel, Project Z, was published by Wilde Press in Boston, MA in 2013. She has previously trained at iO West, and has a degree in Writing for TV and Film from Emerson College.


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