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This week on On Story we’ll hear conversations from two writer/directors from the 26th annual Austin Film Festival. First up, Texas born, Trey Edward Shults, will discuss his emotional new film WAVES, which stars Sterling K. Brown, Taylor Russell and Kevin Harrison, Jr. And later, we’ll hear from Australian filmmaker Zak Hilditch, whose new horror film RATTLESNAKE is streaming now on Netflix.

Writer/director Trey Edward Shults’ new film WAVES traces the emotional journey of a suburban African-American family as they navigate love, forgiveness, and coming together in the aftermath of a loss. The film stars Sterling K. Brown, Taylor Russell, and Kelvin Harrison, Jr.. This is Shults’ third feature film; previously he wrote and directed 2015’s KRISHA and 2017’s IT COMES AT NIGHT, which were also released by A24. I spoke with Shults at the 2019 Austin Film Festival after a screening of WAVES.

Clips of Waves courtesy of A24.

Next up, a conversation with writer/director, Zak Hilditch. Hilditch’s new film RATTLESNAKE, is a psychological horror film about a mother wrestling with the morality of paying a debt to a mysterious woman who saved her daughter’s life. The film is now streaming on Netflix after having it’s world premiere at the Austin Film Festival. Hilditch spoke about writing and directing the project with author and filmmaker Owen Egerton.

Clips of Rattlesnake courtesy of Netflix and Campfire.

Clips of 1922 courtesy of Netflix and Campfire.

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