On Story Episode 1650: Bleed for This and Rocky vs Creed

On today’s episode, writer-director Ben Younger on his new boxing Biopic, Bleed for This, followed by Creed screenwriter Aaron Covington on the legacy of the original Rocky and his latest entry in the franchise.

Younger made his first film, Boiler Room in 2000 and his last film, Prime, in 2005. Bleed for this, produced by Martin Scorsese, and written and directed by Younger, represents his comeback to filmmaking.

The 2015 film Creed is a spinoff of the Rocky film series directed by Ryan Coogler and co-written by our next guest Aaron Covington. The film depicts the journey of Adonis Johnson into the boxing world. Johnson is the son of former heavyweight champion and Rocky Balboa opponent-turned-trainer Apollo Creed. In the film, the younger Creed, whose father died in the ring, seeks the help and guidance of aging former champion Rocky Balboa.

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