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This week on On Story we’ll join veteran screenwriters Shane Black and Ric Roman Waugh as they discuss what it takes to write and direct a big-budget blockbuster. 

Considered one of the pioneer screenwriters of the action genre, Shane Black made his mark with his 1987 screenplay, Lethal Weapon. Black went on to pen the screenplays for such films as Nice Guys, Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and the latest addition to the Alien vs. Predator franchise: Predator. 


Ric Roman Waugh is a former stuntman, director, writer, and producer, known for his work in Felon, Snitch, and Shot Caller. He wrote and directed the third installment of the Has Fallen series, Angel Has Fallen in 2019, and is currently in production of Night Has Fallen, the fourth installment in the series.

Moderator Harrison Glaser spoke with Shane and Ric at the Austin Film Festival

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This week on On Story we’re diving behind the pages of the 1999 classic horror film The Blair Witch Project with screenwriter Daniel Myrick & his wife and research partner Julia Myrick. Daniel Myrick is a director and screenwriter, most known for co-directing and writing the 1999 psychological horror The Blair Witch Project with Eduardo Sánchez. Considered a seminal work in low budget, filmmaking, as well as being one of the highest grossing films in history, the film ushered in a new methodology of production and grass roots marketing that is still being utilized today. He later went on to pen the screenplays for Believers, which he co-wrote with his now wife, Julia Myrick, Solstice, The Objective and the 2020 sci-fi found footage horror film Skyman. 

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