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This week on On Story we’re we’re taking a look at the work of screenwriter Chase Palmer who co-wrote It: Chapter One

Chase Palmer is a screenwriter and director known for co-authoring the screenplay for IT: Chapter One with Cary Fukinaga, as well as 2021’s Naked Singularity starring John Boyega. His two award-winning short films, Neo-Noir and Shock and Awe, have played at film festivals worldwide with his feature film debut being the adaptation of the PEN-prize winning book A Naked Singularity by by Sergio De La Pava, with Ridley Scott as a producer.


I sat down with Chase Palmer for a panel about his work at the Austin Film Festival.

Clips of It: Chapter One courtesy of Warner Brothers Entertainment

Clips of Naked Singularity courtesy of 150 Degrees Pictures

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This week on On Story we’re joined by the showrunner behind The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Michael Schur.

Michael Schur is a screenwriter, producer and character actor. He got his start writing for Saturday Night Live before becoming a producer and writer for the comedy series The Office. Schur then went on to co-create Parks and Recreation with Office producer Greg Daniels for seven seasons, ending in 2015. Later, he created The Good Place, and co-created the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Schur was also a producer on the Netflix series Master of None, starring Aziz Anzari.

I spoke with Michael Schur about his work at a panel at the Austin Film Festival.


Clips of The Office, The Good Place, and Parks & Recreation courtesy of National Broadcast Company

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This week we’ll hear from David Kessler, writer & producer of the docu-drama Minamata starring Johnny Depp.

David Kessler began his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 2000s before quickly deciding to focus on writing. After penning a spec script for Will & Grace, he switched over to drama, and optioned the life rights and book titled Minamata, written by Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith. 

The film stars Johnny Depp as W. Eugene Smith, an American photographer who documented the effects of mercury poisoning on the citizens of Minamata, Kumamoto, Japan in the early 1970s.

The film went through various stages of development over many years before finally getting picked up by Johnny Depp’s production company.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with David about the film’s journey to the big screen following it’s US release. 

Clips of Minamata courtesy of Minamata Film, LLC

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