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Screenplay competitions are a fantastic way to get started in the business, and AFF is surely no exception. Troy Anthony Miller recently signed an option with Frank Darabont's production company, Darkwoods Productions, for his winning AFF script The Hitch. Earlier this summer, AFF’s screenplay alum Oren Uziel found success in theatres nationwide after penning 22 Jump Street. And during the Festival this year, Rachel Long and Brian Pittman will present the world premiere of Dawn Patrol, a screenplay that originated out of AFF's screenplay competition and was produced by Dan Petrie, Jr, and Rick Dugdale's production company, Enderby Entertainment. These alum will provide insight into how the competition has launched their film careers, and how it can do the same for you.



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AMC, FOX and Pixar Executives

Today on Austin Film Festival’s On Story Podcast, Demystifying the Development Process with Carrie Gillogly, Jessica Julius, Lauren Neustadter, Erika Weinstein. We usually feature writers on the On Story Podcast. This episode, four executives from film and television share their perspectives on the development process. Aspiring writers get ready. These people mean business and you need to know how best to work with them. Today’s panel was recorded at the 21st Austin Film Festival and was moderated by Pam Golum.


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