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From Austin Film Festival this is On Story, a look inside the creative process from today’s leading creators, writers and filmmakers. Phil Hay is a screenwriter and producer. Hay’s writing partner Matt Manfredi and director Karyn Kusama made the 2019 Los Angeles crime drama Destroyer which starred Nicole Kidman. In 2015, the three made the horror film The Invitation – the film follows a man as he becomes increasingly suspicious of his ex-wife’s motives while attending a dinner party hosted at their old house. Hay spoke about the film at the 26th annual Austin Film Festival with moderator Maya Perez.

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This week on On Story, from suspenseful scares to urban legends and classic movie monsters, horror stories rely on the psychology of fear to thrill and chill us with the things that we fear most. Paul Alvarado-Dykstra discusses the scripts behind the scares with Akela Cooper, the writer behind the Conjuring spinoff, The Nun 2 and American Horror Story, and horror writer/director and author Owen Egerton.

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