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This week on On Story we're joined by director Ric Roman Waugh for a post-screening deep dive into his newest action thriller, Kandahar.

Formerly an actor and stuntman who appeared in countless films, including Universal Soldier, The Last of the Mohicans, and Lethal Weapon 2, Waugh is certainly no stranger to action. Now known for his work as a writer, producer, and director, Waugh utilizes his background in stunt work to create many of today's leading thrillers, such as Felon, Snitch, Shot Caller, and Angel Has Fallen, serving on all as writer and director. Recently in 2020, Waugh directed Greenland, a disaster thriller starring Waugh's frequent collaborator, Gerard Butler, which follows the story of John Garrity, who must save the United States from imminent destruction by a comet.

Waugh's newest action thriller, Kandahar, was written by former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer Mitchell La Fortune, and follows the journey of undercover CIA operative Tom Harris, who along with his translator must flee hostile territory in Afghanistan after their covert mission is exposed. Both starring and produced by Gerard Butler, the film is based on LaFortune's own experience serving in Afghanistan during the 2013 Snowden leaks. Never short on suspense or excitement, Kandahar is a high-stakes race against time, set against the complex political background of the War on Terror.

So sit back - or, well more likely on the edge of your seat - as Barbara Morgan sits down with director Ric Roman Waugh to talk all things Kandahar.

Clips of Kandahar courtesy of Open Road Films.

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This week on On Story, AFF Moderator Harrison Glaser sits down with television writing legend Alec Berg for an in-depth conversation on his triumphant comedy writing career.

Nothing short of a comedic genius, Berg's writing credits include some of television's most hilarious series, including his work writing, directing, and producing Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mike Judge's Silicon Valley, and most recently, HBO's Barry, which he co-created with SNL legend Bill Hader.

Barry, which was recently renewed for a fourth season, is an Emmy-nominated dark comedy hit that follows down-and-out hitman Barry Berkman, played by Bill Hader. Barry's assignments bring him to Los Angeles, where he finds himself joining a local acting class for wannabe talent taught by Gene Cousineau, played by none other than Henry Winkler. Through this class and a budding relationship with aspiring actress Sally Reed, this not-so-cold-blooded killer finds himself amidst an existential crisis, asking as we all often do, what is it he really wants out of life?

Only Berg, a master of situational comedy, would think to put a hitman in a beginner's acting class and to make it lighthearted and funny, but as many of our listeners know, there's nothing lighthearted or easy about breaking into the world of comedy. Berg breaks down for our AFF audience his journey, which started by gaining inspiration from the tapes of prior comedy legends like Steve Martin, to his early work writing for Seinfeld, to expanding his credit from writer to writer-director, to ultimately making a career and name for himself as one of television's leading comedy creators and showrunners.

So get ready for a lesson in laughter from comedy legend Alec Berg.

Clips of Barry and Silicon Valley courtesy of Home Box Office, Inc.

Clips of Seinfeld courtesy of NBC.

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