On Story Episode 1651: Jungle Book and Hook

This week’s On Story, two modern family adventure films. First we hear from The Jungle Book screenwriter Justin Marks, and later, Hook screenwriter Jim Hart and the actor who played one of the film’s beloved Lost Boys, Rufio, Dante Basco.

The 2016 Disney film The Jungle Book is based on the Rudyard Kipling classic, and inspired by the 1967 animated film of the same name. The Jungle Book features an all-star cast including Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley and Idris Elba as well as newcomer Neel Sethi and was directed by Jon Favreu.

The 1991 fantasy adventure, Hook, depicts an adult Peter Pan who forgot Neverland and grew up. The film stars the late Robin Williams as Peter, Dustin Hoffman as the title character and co-stars the late Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith and Dante Basco as Lost Boy, Rufio.

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